Flock Eco-Edition 1.1.3 is Available

Today is Earth’s Day; therefore the Flock Team decided to join the green movement. Yesterday they announced Flock Eco-Edition 1.1.3, which is loaded with green information, media and opinion.

Flock’s My World collects a fresh daily dose of news, interviews, and media flowing in from a variety of top eco-minded content and opinion leaders.

You will be the first to know and easily share your discoveries with friends. Flock’s People sidebar loads your friends from Facebook, Flickr, YouTube and other social sites.

Flock has partnered with leading respected content and opinion leaders from around the web to bring you the latest breaking news on environmental issues. Here’s just a sampling of the sites that are preloaded into the Flock Eco-Edition browser.

  • Treehugger
  • National Geographic
  • Green Yahoo!
  • Planetgreen
  • Environmental News Network (ENN)

This eco-edition delivers the best environmentally conscious “green” content and media available from around the web in a tightly organized format, all available from a single download. Once the browser installs, it updates with fresh eco-content daily in the form of news feeds, media streams, and favorite sites, delivering an experience that is dynamic, connected and always fresh.

Flock devs included an extensive offering of content topics, and fully expect people to prune and further refine the experience to better serve their own preferences once they’ve gotten acquainted with Flock.

If the green movement is your cup of tea, please click here to download Flock 1.1.3. Happy Earth’s Day!

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