Creative Office Snapshots

One of the few companies that I admire and respect is Google. I’m amazed of what they’ve accomplished is such a short period of time. Their products are simple and intuitive to use, and its search engine is difficult to emulate. Just ask Microsoft, Yahoo or AOL.

I feel Google is truly an employee-dedicated company. They deeply believe in the value of its workforce. A reflection of their dedication to their employees, are their creative offices scattered in every corner of the globe. Recently I penned a post about the “fun office” at Google’s new European engineering headquarters located in Zürich, Switzerland.

I think an organization reflects its corporate culture and personality by the way they organize and decorate their offices. By looking at their workplace, you know what type of company it is. In this regards, I found a blog dubbed, Office Snapshots which is unique in what they do. Its purpose is to show you the insides of web 2.0 and technology company offices. It’s kind of one of those “why didn’t we think of it” blogs”. Office Snapshots shows you the inside of offices you care about. This is generally from Web/Tech companies, and perhaps larger companies that people are familiar with.

Some of the most popular offices included in Office Snapshots are: Adobe, Apple, Ebay, Facebook and Google. There are many other snapshots of well-known offices you might be interested in exploring. However, I encourage you to take a tour of Google offices in China, Mountain View, Santa Monica, Zürich and New York. It’s a “must see” tourist attraction. Let’s start with Google general headquarters in Mountain View, CA.

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