El Caminito del Rey

Some people are very fond of doing challenging things just for the fun of it. These out-of-door-activities are extremely risky, and many have paid with their lives. One of this type of people are mountain climbers often called “cliff hangers”. In order to be a mountain climber, you have to be prepared to take great risks as I mentioned earlier.

Having said this, I would like to share with you a walk through “El Caminito del Rey” which you will certainly appreciate if you are a risk taker and a mountain climber.

El Caminito del Rey (The King’s Pathway) is a narrow walkway, now abandoned, built along the steep walls of a narrow gorge in El Chorro, near Málaga, Spain. The name is often shortened to El Camino del Rey.

The pathway was started in 1902 so that workers of El Chorro and Gaitanejo Falls could cross between the falls, to transport fresh food, materials, vigilance and maintenance of the channel. Construction of the walkway lasted four years. It was finished in 1905.

In 1921, Spanish King Alfonso XII, crossed the walkway to inaugurate the dam Condel del Guadalhorce. Thus the name, “Caminito del Rey” or “Camino del Rey”.

Over the years, the Spanish authorities neglected the pathway and no maintenance was provided. It is now highly deteriorated and very dangerous to walk through, except by the brave at heart. It is one meter wide, and has over a 700 feet fall. Almost all of the path has no handrail. Parts of the walkway have completely collapsed and have been replaced by a beam and a metallic wire on the wall. Many people have died crossing the walkway in recent years. After four people died in two accidents in 1999 and 2000, the local government closed the entrances. However, adventurous tourists still find their way into the walkway and lived to tell the story.

Since “El Caminito del Rey” still attracts tourists from all over the world due to its spectacular view, the Government of Andalusía has approved a restoration project estimated at 7 million euros.

The post would be incomplete if I don’t walk with you through this dangerous pathway. Take a deep breath, tightened your shoe strings and here we go. Please click here to start the journey through one of the most dangerous pathways in the world.

Source: Wikipedia Encyclopedia

6 thoughts on “El Caminito del Rey”

  1. Hi Don. As I said, “Take a deep breath, tighten your shoelaces and let’s go.”

    That’s the scariest place I’ve seen. Even though it was a harmless and innocent video, my heart kept pounding like an Indian drum.



  2. It would be kind of a shame if this trail gets restored and safteyized. it will attract more of your typical tourist and leave no room for the climbers and hardcore adventurers

  3. Hey John, what worries me is the danger of people falling into the precipice as the structure gets more and more fragile.

    What I saw in the video knocked the socks off me!  IMHO, a restored pathway will enable many mainstream tourists to enjoy the scenery of this fantastic place in Spain.  There will also be more revenue flowing into the Government of Andalusía.

    Thanks for your comments.


  4. Hello,

    Interested in doing this hike,
    wonder if you know much about it, in todays state,
    I have seen photos of a section that is completey gone, is this the start ? and do you climb up to it and start there, ?

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