Top Browser Market Share For March, 2008

At the beginning of every month one of the first things I do is check how Firefox performed during the previous month. I’ve been doing this for over a year using Net Applications as my reliable source. This month is extra special, because Mozilla Firefox is celebrating 10 years of existence. Thus the image on the top of this post.

Now let’s get into business. Below are the statistics for March 2008 as provided by Net Applications:

(Expressed in Percentages)

Browsers March February Difference
Internet Explorer 74.73 74.88 0.15
Firefox 17.87 17.27 0.60
Safari 05.86 05.70 0.16
Opera 0.69 0.69 0.00
Netscape 0.55 0.68 0.13
Others 0.30 0.78 0.48
Total 100.00 100.00 0


  1. Microsoft Internet Explorer continued to bleed during March. It lost 0.15 points which is not bad; however what is not good is its continuous fall during the year. In one year IE lost 4.18 points, which means users are obviously migrating to other browsers.
  2. Mozilla Firefox is following the North star and laughing all the way. In March it gained more than half a point which is excellent news for Firefox Evangelists. More gains are expected once Firefox 3 hits the streets sometime in June.
  3. Apple Safari is doing fine. It is also nibbling steadily away at IE’s foundation. Apple is pushing Safari very strongly. Apple has been so aggressive that many users are complaining that Safari is being bundled together with iTunes and Quicktime without their authorization. This is poor business practice and should be stopped. Somehow this reminds me of Microsoft’s practice of bundling Internet Explorer with Windows.
  4. Norwegian Opera is in quick sand. It didn’t move an iota in March. Perhaps they are focusing more on their mobile platform which is doing just fine.
  5. AOL Netscape is swiftly heading to Mexico. We all know that its users are abandoning ship to join Flock and Firefox bandwagon after AOL decided to pull the plug in March. Soon there will be nothing left; not even the dust of a legendary browser.
That’s it guys. The winners in March were Firefox and Safari as expected.

2 thoughts on “Top Browser Market Share For March, 2008”

  1. It is a little interesting that Internet Explorer had kept as much of the market with the improvement of Firefox. Maybe version 3.0 will have more impact.

    I have to admit that The last version of IE was a major improvement.

  2. Hello Don:

    Internet Explorer still has a tight grip on the corporate community. They don’t want to risk their information gathering tools with an open source application.

    As the Internet matures, the open source movement will gain more credibility and acceptance by big corporations and academia will take place. This trend works in Firefox’s favor.

    IMO, Firefox 3 will further put Firefox in mainstream users’ hands, although moving into corporate America will still be an uphill battle.

    As far as I’m concern, I wouldn’t trade Firefox or Flock for any other browser within the radar.

    Thank you for your comments.


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