Customizing Online Music to Your Heart’s Content

There are two essential things I need when I blog: coffee and music. A nice hot cup of coffee from Boquete and soft music coming through my headphones is Heavens. In the past I enjoyed Pandora and Slacker; but to my disappointment, they are currently restricted to users outside the U.S. due to licensing constraints.

For a few months I went back to my favorite classical music stations, WCPE Radio and Beethoven Radio, but still I still missed my Ole Country Music and my favorite Spanish artists. One lucky day, my friend Don Ray of Chiriqui Chatter, told me about a cool musical site where you could customize playlists with English and Spanish artists. The place is Finetune.

Finetune follows the path of Pandora and Slacker with regards to customization of your preferred playlists. It has its own proprietary music player which shows the picture of the album playing as well as the name of the song and the artist. You select an artist and the software will select all the songs of this artist from its large database plus other related artists. This is where Pandora and Slacker shines.

However, Finetune gives you a lot more. After registering at the site, you are eligible to create your own playlists–as many as you want. After 45 songs on a playlist, you can go ahead and listen to the playlist—not before. Another constraint, is than you can not include more than three songs of the same artist on any playlist. Even if you try it, the software won’t let you do it. I tried it and failed. There are no restrictions as far as to the number of songs on a particular playlist. I created one playlist with 139 songs—and the list is growing. You can also embed your playlist in your blog or MySpace page.

Finetune also includes 40 radio stations carefully programmed by their resident radio expert, Barry Scott. He covers all the current genres including rock, pop, country, alternative, R&B, latin and smooth jazz; as well as the best of the decades!

Finetune has a comprehensive music library. Take a look.

  • Two million songs and growing
  • All the major labels, updated daily
  • Extensive metadata; images, album reviews, etc.
  • 350 distinct music categories (and growing!)
  • 400 professionally programmed playlists, matching and exceeding terrestrial radio formats
  • Baroque to Brit-Pop, Ragtime to Rap, African to Zydeco and everything in between!

The Finetune’s team has been working with music playlists for quite a while. They have 7 years of accumulated listener’s data equivalent to almost 100 million listener’s hours. During this period they have carefully studied the musical preferences of 13,000 user created playlists. Yep, these guys are serious when personal music is concerned.

In view of the above, I strongly encourage you to take Finetune for a whirl. You will enjoy investing your time in this endeavor. Good Day and Happy Streaming!

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