In Search of Productivity Using Mozilla Firefox

If you use Mozilla Firefox at work, then productivity means a lot—every second counts! This post is for those who want to get the most done in the minimum of time. As the saying goes, “time is money”.

Firefox in my humble opinion, is the best browser anywhere in cyperspace. The following example will give you an idea of how you can squeeze more seconds out of one minute using FX, yet few people know about it. Here we go.

Forget About “Copy/Paste” to Make a Google Search:

Highlight any text on a website and then right-click on it. What do you know, there’s an option to “Search Google for…” the text you have highlighted. It can’t get any better than this. Now think about the amount of seconds you will save in one working day by using this tip. Now you can go and talk to your boss about a pay raise.

If you liked this example, by clicking here, you can find four other productivity tips you can use at work and/or home.

Source: Elias Saba’s Blog

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