Meet the Impressive iPhone Princess Plus

Rich people have extravagant tastes and will take no “Ifs”, Ands or Buts” to obtain what they want. The most expensive and lush jewelry are made specially for them in an effort to calm their insatiable taste for lavishness.

An example of this type of jewelry is a cell phone known as the iPhone Princess Plus which has an outrageous price of $176,400. This is the world’s most expensive iPhone luxed up by Australian jeweler Peter Aloisson. If this price exceeds your budget, no problem; there is an alternative version available for “only” $66,150.

The dearest iPhone contains a total of 180 diamonds with the normal “brilliant cut”. Of this total, 138 diamonds are “princess cut” stones, which is where the name iPhone Princess Plus comes from. All the diamonds total 17.75 carats and are inlaid on 18k white gold.

In contrast, my Motorola C115 is made out of plastic and has a mere price of only $27.25 including the Sales Tax. 🙂

Source: Funtasticus

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