Apple Revamps Its Shuffle Lineup

I have good news for Apple fans. This morning Apple announced a new iPod Shuffle with double the storage space and slashed the price of its 1GB models to $49.

The 2GB version of the popular gadget will cost $69 and be available for sale later this month, Apple said in a statement. That’s less than the previous price for a new 1GB model, at $79. (Apple has, however, been selling refurbished 1GB Shuffles for $49 in recent months.)

Both models, which sport a built-in clip, are slated to come in five colors: silver, blue, green, purple, and red.

Apple released the second generation of the midget gadget, which weighs half an ounce and measures half a cubic inch in volume, in November 2006. It has refreshed the Shuffle’s colors on a few occasions since then.

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