A Car That Runs With Compressed Air

The one good thing about the rising cost of oil, is that the automobile industry is looking for cheaper fuels to run their cars.

Electricity has been for several years a feasible alternative to fossil fuels and Toyota Motors has made great progress in designing these types of cars.

Now French inventor Guy Negre has come up with an automobile that is driven by compressed air producing no emissions at all. This technological breakthrough is music to the ears of citizens living in Mexico City, Santiago and Beijing where air pollution is killing the city dwellers. The air quality in these cities is absolutely asphyxiating.

The OneCat is able to accommodate five passengers in a fiberglass body, weighs just 350 kilograms (772 lbs.) and has a price tag of approximately 2,500 British Pounds equivalent to $4,885. It will be driven by compressed air stored in carbon-fiber tanks built into the car’s chassis.

For long distances, the compressed air can be boosted by a fuel burner which heats the air so it expands and increases the pressure on the pistons making it more fuel efficient. The burner will use all kinds of liquid fuels.

Guy Negre says on long trips the car will do the equivalent of 120 mpg. In urban areas, running on air, it will be cheaper than that.

The OneCat, or “air car” as it is sometimes called, is expected to hit the streets within a year. The first country to sell the car will most likely be India marketed by Tata Motors.

6 thoughts on “A Car That Runs With Compressed Air”

  1. Hi,
    I like the way you write ..Its really different and interesting … keep the momentum going ..I hope tis will really going to help me in future..
    These are really awesome pics .. I like the way you play with your camera .. spectacular …
    brilliant. . ……

  2. Hi Insurance Motorcycle Quote:

    Thanks for your kind words. I’m really not a photographer yet; however, I like to share nice photos I find on the Net with others.

    I plan to purchase a digital camera next month, and will start getting my feet wet with photography.



  3. Hi Paul:

    Thank you for providing the “youtube” link with very interesting videos about this remarkable car. As gasoline prices hike, I’m sure people will start looking for alternatives.

    Car users in poor countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America can’t afford to pay $5.00 for a gallon of gasoline. I’m having a hard time paying $3.50 for a gallon of gasoline in Panama.



  4. Hello Alex:

    As the price of gasoline reaches unprecedented levels, it is imperative that we explore alternative transportation means.

    An air-powered motor seems like a wonderful option if it reaches mainstream users. I wonder if big oil companies are aware that their time could be over in a few decades.

    Thanks for dropping by.


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