Flock 1.0.9 is Ready for Download

As expected, Flock devs came up with a stability and security patch for its popular social web browser.

In an effort to keep up with Mozilla’s latest improvements of its famous Firefox web browser, this latest release include the following improvements:

  • Incorporation of Mozilla’s patch for Firefox.
  • Fixed the favicon for TypePad accounts in the Blog Editor.
  • Updated copyright to 2008 for splash screen and about pages.
  • Updated version of Flash bundled with Windows installer to latest from Adobe, 9.0 r118.

If you’re interest in having the most stable and secure version of Flock, please click here to download and install it.  Flock 1.0.9 is available for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems in the English language.

Flock is well known for delivering a more personal and social experience of the web, where its users are in control and more connected to what’s important to them. By automatically managing updates and media from popular social services such as Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, and Twitter, Flock makes sharing with friends and services drag-and-drop easy.

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