is Testing New Grounds search engine, previously known as Ask Jeeves, recently decided to test new grounds.  This versatile search engine has quietly launched a news page called “BigNews” that aggregates top news stories from a variety of sites ranging from The New York Times to small blogs. is entering dangerous waters full of hungry sharks like  Yahoo, Microsoft, and even Google, as well as sites like Digg and Topix.  One shark will probably be swallowed by a larger shark, I’m referring to Yahoo and Microsoft.  This gives you an idea how dangerous and aggressive the news aggregators territory is. says the news page stories are dynamically generated based on freshness, source authority, social media references, article content, and multimedia availability. You can use a source filter to search for stories based on geographic region and track stories via the site or RSS.

I really like features and wish them well in this new endeavor.  As I said before, this is not navigating in sheltered waters at all.   You have to sleep with one eye closed and the other one open.

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