Reduce Your Printing Costs And Save Our Planet

Global warming and climate change is a hot environmental issue as our planet gets intoxicated with an excess of greenhouse gases.

Deforestation is a big contributor to global warming and climate change. We are losing approximately 86,400 football fields of rain forest everyday due to illegal loggers, land-hungry peasants and giant plantations. 31,536,000 football fields of rain forest every year really adds up!

Due to this environmental catastrophe, the scientific community is calling for the global protection of our rain forests. By saving our trees, we contribute to save our planet.

Having said this, I’m happy to say that today I found a printing software that helps you save paper, ink and money by eliminating unwanted graphics and text.

Now, a start-up company in Portland, Oregon, has come up with a software product that aims to solve the wasted-page problem. It’s called GreenPrint, and it automatically detects these unnecessary pages and eliminates them from your printouts. The company, GreenPrint Technologies, promises that its simple software not only will save you money on paper and ink, but also will help the environment by saving trees—thus, the name.

GreenPrint inserts itself between your Web browser (or any other program that prints) and your printer. It takes the form of a faux printer. You print to this virtual printer, called GreenPrint, as if it were real. Then, it analyzes the document, identifies and eliminates wasted pages, and hands the document off to your actual printer, which prints it.

GreenPrint is designed to save you money and help the environment by preventing waste pages from being printed. GreenPrint analyzes the content of each print job for pages that have wasteful characteristics. These are the pages with just a banner ad, URL footnote etc. It also allows you to very quickly add and remove pages from your print job, without having to return to the original application.

They estimate that those who use the software regularly could save up to $90 each year and users combined could save millions of trees!

The product line includes the following options for home users and corporations:

  1. Greenprint World, free version of the software, and GreenPrint Home Premium with a price tag of $35.00.
  2. For companies of any size, GreenPrint’s Enterprise Edition provides insight into waste reduction through a company wide printing overview, as well as tracking the number of trees saved and the CO2 reduction. It also provides an easy way to reuse paper that has already been printed on one side before recycling it. This product has a price of $70.00.
  3. You can also purchase an EverGreen Font for $10.00 where the characters are designed to allow more words to fit on a printed page. EverGreen is the first font aimed at minimizing paper use. Its characters were designed to allow more words to fit on each printed page without compromising readability. Compared with common fonts such as Arial, Times New Roman and Helvetica, EverGreen reduces paper use by 15-20%.
GreenPrint’s Impact:
  • If all US households with a computer used GreenPrint over $6 billion a year would be saved.
  • If all new computers used GreenPrint greenhouse gas emissions would be reduced by over 117 million tons. That’s the equivalent of removing 23 million cars from the road for an entire year.
  • If all new computers sold in 2006 used green print over 36 million trees would be saved every year.
If you are interested in contributing to the preservation of our tropical rain forests, and at the same time saving a few bucks, kindly click here to download GreenPrint. There is also an excellent tutorial explaining in full detail how this wonderful sofware works.

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