Top Browser Market Share – January 2008

As you probably know by now, I’m a “number man”. I love numbers, perhaps because I used to work as an Accountant and Comptroller for more than 40 years of my life. Even though many find numbers boring. I find them to be fascinating. Analyzing numbers can give you so many clues as to what is happening in your organization. In my humble opinion, numbers speak a hidden language. You only have to stop and listen to get the story. Those who have studied Statistics know exactly what I’m talking about.

You guessed it. Today’s post will be about numbers. It shows how the top browsers performed during the month of January 2008 and how that performance compared with the previous month. For me, it’s very important to monitor how top browsers perform. My source for this information is NetApplications which is the best Web site covering this subject. Here we go.

Top Browser Market Share – January 2008 (In Percentages)
Browser January December Difference
Internet Explorer 75.47 76.04 0.57
Firefox 16.98 16.80 0.18
Safari 05.82 05.59 0.23
Opera 00.62 00.64 0.02
Netscape 00.61 00.66 0.05
Others 00.50 00.27 0.23


  1. Microsoft Explorer continues its southern journey. It lost a little more than half a point in January.
  2. Mozilla Firefox is keeping its ground. During January it increased modestly 0.18 per cent.
  3. Apple Safari is performing very well. It increased its market share by almost one quarter of one per percent in January.
  4. AOL Netscape barely moved in January. However we all know that AOL will not support this browser starting March 1, 2008. They are encouraging its users to migrate to Flock social browser.

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