A World of Oranges

There is absolutely no limit to the imagination. Once it’s in your head as a concept, the next step is to convert that intangible into a physical object. In other words, make the intangible tangible.

This is what a group of people have done with oranges. They collected thousands and thousands of this citrus fruit and constructed all sorts of structures that baffles the mind. Something very similar is done every year at Pasadena, CA with flowers. The Tournament of Roses Parade has become a worldwide spectacle. Perhaps, in the future we would have The Tournament of Oranges Parade televised to every corner of the globe. There is absolutely no limit to the imagination.

If you want to plunge into the world of oranges and discover what you can do with this fruit, please click here. I selected as an example, a Taj Mahal built with oranges of different sizes and colors. You won’t believe your eyes. Remember to click the images in order to enlarge them.

Taj Mahal

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