Mozilla Firefox Cheat Sheet

Firefox’s users have different approaches to increase their productivity while using the browser. Some will use their mouse extensively and break the sound barrier. Others prefer to use the keyboard and still break the sound barrier. Which of the two groups is better? It all depends on the preferences and obviously, the natural skills of the groups.

If you have the tendency of using your keyboard, I strongly suggest you navigate to Mozilla Firefox Cheat Sheet. Here you will find tons of useful information to enhance your productivity while using Mozilla Firefox. If your company uses Firefox as the default browser, it would be an excellent idea to distribute this information to the workforce. The results will be impressive.

Mozilla Firefox Cheat Sheets organizes its information based on the following categories:

  • Basic
  • General Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Navigation Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Text Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Locations
  • Tips/Tricks

Take it easy. Don’t work too fast and melt your computer. 🙂

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