Flock Surprisingly Has a New Version – 1.0.8

By random accident, I just found out that Flock has hastily churned out a new version of its very popular social browser. The number assigned to this latest version is 1.0.8.

Directly from the horse’s mouth, v1.0.8 adds a couple of bug fixes and enhancements with regards to importing in general and from Netscape specifically:

  • The default home page will now import correctly on Macs when the Netscape is run from the installer DMG image.
  • On Macs, if Netscape is set to be the default browser, Flock will now default to import that from that browser.
  • In general, when importing into Flock the default home page import selection is from the browser being imported into and not Flock.

As you can see, Flock is dedicating a lot of attention and energy to the users of Netscape Communicator. The reason is very simple. They plan on attracting Netscape users in view that AOL will pull the plug from this legendary browser on February 1, 2008.

To download Flock 1.0.8, please click here.

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