Letters and Numbers on Butterflies’ Wings

No matter how sophisticated man can become with his technological tools, he can’t get even close to the magic wonders of the natural world.

Photographer Kjell Sandved has dedicated all his life to capture with his camera, an amazing butterfly alphabet, with every letter from A to Z and every number from 1 to 9.

All of these delicate photographs come from the brilliant and colorful patterns discovered on the wings of moths and butterflies. The designs—each one unique to its species—are used either to attract a mate or for disguise against predators.

If you enjoy photography or pictorial art, please click here to appreciate over-the-top pictures of the alphabet and numbers spelled out on butterflies’ wings.

It’s literally unbelievable!

4 thoughts on “Letters and Numbers on Butterflies’ Wings”

  1. Its amazing how God knew the English Alpahabet before He created humans Genesis chapter 1 . verses 1 to 29 .

  2. The letters and numbers on butterfly wings are the major components of information systems. They are a product of intelligence and did not come about by random chance or over a long period of time. These facts should put the final coffin nails in the Godless theory of evolution.

    For more information, see the book The Woman, the Dragon and the Eagle.

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