Witty Built Digital Cameras

Something that never ceases to amaze me are the witty creations in the technological world. The brilliant minds submerged in this roller coaster industry come up with the most far-out products and services. I wonder where they get their ideas?

For example, yesterday late afternoon, I saw several digital cameras which are particularly strange-looking. I don’t how good they are, mind you, but they sure grabbed my attention.

The cameras are:

  1. Canon Snap
  2. Sony Top
  3. FlapCam
  4. Nikon 360
  5. Kodak 1881
  6. Triops
Of the whole bunch, I think I would give the Canon Snap a try. It’s pretty cool to take snap pictures at the tip of your fingers. Digital cameras will continue to get smaller and smaller so long as technology successfully miniaturizes high quality optics.

Canon has a new concept camera, the Canon Snap. Still just an idea and not an official product but it’s one that could be pretty fun to use. Sure it may be a perfect tool for those would be spies, but it would also be nice for the average person who just wants to be able to get some cool pictures without having a full featured and full sized camera.

Due to its small size and ring form, this miniature snapshot camera can be always with you. Against the trend of putting more and more functions into electronic devices, the idea for this camera was to make it as simple and easy to use as possible. The most important point for a snapshot camera is of course that you have it active the right moment. Therefore the whole electronic is put into a flexible gel ring that can be easily worn on the index finger. In combination with the easy to use one button interface quick accessibility and fun taking snapshots is guaranteed.

The Canon Snap concept is a look into what a future device might look like. The Snap is tiny enough to wear on your index finger yet powerful enough to give today’s bigger cameras a run for their money. The single button interface makes it easy to take a picture at a whim’s moment; perfect for your James Bond 007 tendencies. Com’on now, you know you’ve got it in you. We all do.

Designed by David Münscher, this is one of the more outrageous digital camera designs to be released in a long time.

If you are in the mood for innovation in digital cameras, please click here.

The convenient Canon Snap at the tip of your fingers
(Credit: TechEBlog)

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