Back Up Your Files For Less Than a Movie Rental

Nobody, who considers himself a normal person, would go out and drive his or her car without a spare tire. It’s only common sense to make sure the spare tire is there and O.K. Do you agree this is good ole mother wit?

Nevertheless, how many persons do you know, with critical and sensible information, have not backed-up their files? What would happen if the hard disk goes “loco”? Their businesses would probably go belly up.

Most of people I know don’t back up their files because they are either too lazy, because they don’t know how to do it or because the back up software is too expensive. There are no excuses whatsoever to none of the three reasons given. Excuses don’t pay the rent (or restore your data). In this post, I’ll tackle the cost of software excuse.

Today I found out that has Norton Save & Restore 2.0 for only $2.99 (including shipping) after a pair of mail-in rebates. Granted, one of them is a competitive upgrade, but just about any utility software qualifies: anti-virus, anti-spam, firewall. You supply the proof of purchase (confirmation e-mail, a page from the manual, or even the CD itself), and Norton supplies the $20.

Norton Save & Restore 2.0 keeps your critical digital information safe by automatically backing up the entire contents of your drive, or only the files and folders you select. It can even find and save all files of a certain type (such as pictures or documents) no matter where they are located.

Yep, you can drive your computer safely with a spare tire for less than it costs to go to rent a movie. Now, please go ahead and back up you files. Please!

Source: Back Up Your PC for $2.99 (after rebates) | The Cheapskate – CNET Blogs

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