Power Your Gadgets and Laptops With Solar Power

As the cost of electricity rockets to the sky, many companies are looking for ingenious ways to use solar panels to charge up small gadgets and even laptops. No, you don’t have to sell your house to buy one of these convenient solar panels. Their prices ranges between $110 to $500 depending on your budget.

Currently, you can find a growing number of products that are using solar power to charge up phones, digital music players, BlackBerrys, and other gadgets. A product which grabbed my attention, is a solar charger, manufactured by a company called Soldius, with a price tag of only $110.

This baby is perfect for charging small devices like phones, iPods or BlackBerrys. For charging a laptop, you would have to look elsewhere and get a fatter wallet.

Source: Solar power for the masses of gadgets | CNET News.com

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