Life of the Rich and Famous

I have yet to find someone who doesn’t want his/her fifteen minutes of fame. Only be careful what you ask for, it might become true.

We have seen so many young and talented people who have ruined their lives after tasting the life of the rich and famous. Many of them can not handle the stress that demands being in the public eye watching everything they do. They don’t have a single second of private time. Paparazzi are their most feared nightmares.

Some of the names that come to my mind are:

  1. Britney Spears
  2. Anna Nicole Smith
  3. Paris Hilton
  4. Nicole Richie
  5. Lindsay Lohan
  6. Amy Winehouse
  7. Leif Garrett
  8. Todd Bridges
  9. Mary-Kate Olsen
  10. Dana Plato

Trying to escape their own identities, they plunge into cocaine, alcohol, marijuana, Valium and other toxic substances.

Something that I’ve also noticed about celebrities is how they name their kids. They don’t select names like John, James, Mary or Helen. No, they have to pick the most freakish names that would make their innocent kids blush later on in life.

I’ve selected some of these preposterous names celebrities have come about when naming their children. Take a look.


Celebrity Occupation Baby Name(S)
Arthur Ashe – Jeanne Moutoussamy Ashe Tennis Player Camera (daughter)
David Bowie – Angela Bowie Musician – Model Duncan Zowie Heywood Jones (son)
Nicholas Cage – Alice Kim Actor Kal-el (son)
Cher – Sonny Bono Musician – Musician Chastity (daughter)
Cher – Greg Allman Musician / Musician Elijah Blue (son)
Courteney Cox Arquette – David Arquette Actress / Actor Coco Riley (daughter)
Bob Geldof – Paula Yates Musician / TV Host Fifi Trixibelle (daughter)
Richard Gere – Carey Lowell Actor / Actress Homer James Jigme (son)
Barbara Hershey – David Carradine Actor / Actress Free (son)
Jamie Oliver / Jools Oliver Chef / Model Poppy Honey (daughter)

If you wish to see more eccentric names used by the rich and famous, kindly click here.

After seeing this, I’m so glad my parents named me Omar; easy to remember, easy to write and easy to pronounce.


4 thoughts on “Life of the Rich and Famous”

  1. Being that we already seem to be sharing factors regarding Life of the Rich and Famous , The four richest people in the world are worth billions. Yes, that’s billions, with a “b.” How about millionaires? What do they do? I know a few of them myself, so I can tell you that most of them are business owners. They own nursing homes, logging companies, tile companies, movie rental shops, and other types of businesses. A few of them even own home based businesses.

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