Joke: Like Father, Like Son

Today is Saturday morning. The temperature outside is cool at this time of the year when Panama is in transition from the Rainy Season to the Dry Season. Vegetation is still green and when the sun rays hits it at midday, the green looks even greener. I love it.
As we get into the Dry Season, everything turns brown or black due to the constant wild grass fires. By then, I’m ready for the Rain Season again and so continues the Climate Cycle.
I have my headset on listening to beautiful soft music streaming from AOL radio station- “Escapade”. My mood is so good today, that I’ll drop a cute little joke about heavenly Golf. Can you give me one little smile….. or two? Here we go.

Three gentlemen are golfing one day. They come to a difficult par with a water trap just after the tee. The first golfer hits his ball right into the water. To retrieve it, he approaches the water and extends his golf club. The water parts, he takes his next shot and it lands on the green.
The second golfer hits his ball toward the water, but rather than sink, the ball floats on top of the water. The golfer walks across the water and hits the ball onto the green.
The third golfer hits his the ball directly into the water, where it quickly starts to sink. As the ball sinks, a fish grabs the ball in its mouth. At that very moment, a hawk plucks the fish out of the water and begins to carry it aloft. As the bird soars higher, a bolt of lightning startles the bird, which then drops the fish into a nearby tree. When the fish hits a branch of the tree, the ball pops out, rolls down across the green and right into the hole.
Moses turns to Jesus and says, “You know, I hate golfing with your Father.”
If I got at least a faint smile on your face, I reached my goal. Have a great day!


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