Mozilla Firefox Gobbles More Market Share

Mozilla Firefox continues its rampant journey in the Web browsers domain. It was a pleasant piece of news that Firefox increased its market share significantly during December 2007.

Below are statistics developed by Net Applications:

Top Browsers Market Share – December vs November 2007

Web Browsers December November Difference
Internet Explorer 76.04% 77.35% 1.31%
Firefox 16.80% 16.01% 0.79%
Safari 5.59% 5.14% 0.45%
Netscape Communicator 0.66% 0.60% 0.06%
Opera 0.64% 0.65% 0.01%
Others 0.27% 0.25% 0.02%
Total 100.00% 100.00% 0.00%


  • Microsoft Internet Explorer took a hard hit in December, loosing 1.31%. That is a very dramatic market share blow for a leader in the industry.
  • Mozilla Firefox gained almost one whole percentage point in December, which shows the strong momentum it has acquired in its area. In view of a recent announcement by AOL that it will discontinue its support for Netscape Communicator in February 2008, Firefox will certainly take advantage of this situation. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Firefox breaks the 17% landmark this month.
  • Safari continues its journey North due to the “Halo Effect” of the ubiquitous iPod and dream-gadget iPhone. Safari gained a little less than half a point in December.
  • Netscape Communicator gained a meager .06% which is not bad, given it never showed a solid performance after it was purchased by Times Warner’s AOL. It’s market share will almost disappear after February 2008 when its users will probably switch to Mozilla Firefox. AOL decided to pull the plug leaving the browser without any protection by early next month.
  • Opera continues its stagnant position in the desktop Web browser arena. However it enjoys a strong market share position in the mobile phone and Wii domain where it’s the leader of the pack.

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