Flock Upgrades to Version 1.0.5

Before the end-of-year festivities, Flock Developers had scheduled to launch version 1.0.4 right after the holidays. However, they have now decided to skip this version and move on directly to version 1.0.5. Version 1.0.4 was designed to crush the following bugs:

  1. A fix to the extension manager to let extensions that don’t specify the min version correctly to work with Flock. A specific example of this is the Adblock extension.
  2. A fix to the Me Card (this is the gray box at the top of the people sidebar) to remove the “is”, exactly what Facebook did.
  3. A fix to how Flock handles the Welcome and Release note URLs. Currently they point to the same place, http://www.flock.com/release-notes/1.0.3/. This page should show up when you do an upgrade but if you want to just see the release notes, you should be able to see just these from the menu option under Help.

Flock 1.0.5 also eliminates a bug that was causing Flock to crash on startup on Mac OS 10.3.9.

Flock anticipates to get 1.0.5 onto their website by the end of the day tomorrow and have automatic updates turned on by Monday. However, if you don’t want to wait until tomorrow or Monday, you can download Flock 1.0.5 now by clicking here.



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